2015.8.28. I had a chance photo-shooting with my dog. It was our first formal photo shooting since her birth. 12 years had passed. Without realizing how many years she was with me, I still thought of occasionally the first day I met her. All memories turned out to be happy and harmonious. I forgot the times I hated her so much for the unfair treatment towards my first dog who had passed, but later I realized maybe she she returned back to me as her.


Now among my three dogs,  she is absolutely the cutest. She is naturally timid, but she has the loving heart for me, which is enough. She was introduced to our house by my dad several weeks after our first Pomeranian had died from Canine Distemper. However, at that time I refused to take her as one of our family members because I thought she was not smart and kind enough to replace the position the first Pomeranian had in my mind, even though they even had the same name.


Later i realized that I was constantly playing a role of an evil step-sister and she was just an innocent Cinderella.  I always ignored her when she went to me and begged for my mom not treat her as good as our first dog, because she did not deserve it. In all, my heart was too small to bear another soul. It was almost one year after that I could recognize her as one of our family members and it took three more years for me to begin to like her.